The Watoto Children's Choir

One gospel group that is worth knowing about is the Watoto Children’s Choir. Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing these children sing will understand how impacting this group can be. The Watoto Children’s Choir will share inspiring stories. The group is made up of ex-child soldiers and their victims.

The group is from Uganda in which a civil war has left the northern part of the country destroyed. There are approximately. There is at 10,000 children missing in the northern part of this country and many of these people are those who were abducted and forced to fight in the war. This children's choir travels around the world raising awareness of what is happening and raising funds.

The children like to share their testimony of how the Lord has changed their lives. Afterwards they will sing a few songs. The money collected by the Watoto Children’s Choir will go towards the repartition of former child soldiers. Many of them have lost all of their family and have been adopted into new families with a Ugandan widow to watch over he children.

Many of these children have been forced to kill their family and friends or the LRA would kill them. The ordeals that the children experience are horrific and they are able to show through their music how they are healed and can forgive. The Watoto Children’s Choir has released a number of CDs that are available for sale on their website. Some of their songs include “Mambo Sawa” and “Cast Your Burdens”.

"Those Who Dream" By Kristene Muller

Bethel Church and Jesus Culture

A great new release by Bethel Church in Redding, California is “Those Who Dream” by Kristene Muller. Released under the Jesus Culture label, the CD illustrates the passionate love of a songwriter for her Lord. The CD consists of 10 tracks by this Jesus Culture worship leader. The songs are written by Kristen and shows how even in hustle and bustle of the city we can still connect to God on a personal level.Kristene Muller is currently one of the worship leaders at the Justice House of Prayer that is located in San Francisco. She has been on GodTV and has also been showcased on the Call. One of the things she is passionate about is developing a relationship with God and Savior Jesus on an intimate level.

She is described by the likes of Beni Johnson of Bethel Church as someone who is great as writing songs. Many people think of her songs as a gift from heaven. Even the titles of the songs are easy to remember and just simply tells what the songs are about.

The first song on the CD is called “Trust.” This is followed by “Redemption” and the fourth song is “Mercy”. The seventh song was “All My Devotion.” The ninth song on the track is “Amazing Grace” and the last song is “Homeward Bound.” The purpose of this CD is to help people strengthen their walk with the Lord. It is mainly for anyone who needs to be comforted with worship music.

"Top 25 Gospel 2012 Gospel" Album

One of the top gospel CDs that was released by Marantha Music is the “Top 25 Gospel 2012” album. This album features all of the songs that was released up until 2012. These songs has some of the finest music that the gospel music scene has to offer. This CD is the showcase of the very best that gospel music has to offer, all in one collection. It is thought to be one of Marantha Music’s best compilation. Not only does it contain some of the best songs, but these are from some of the most popular gospel artists.

These artists that have contributed songs to the CD include Nicole Mullen, Isaac Carree, Andrae Crouch, Lecrae and Micah Stampley. These artists are known to be some of the best within the gospel music arena.

Examples of songs on the first disk of this CD compilation include “Blessing Me” by Trin-I-Tee, “One God” by MANIFEST, “God is Able” by Norman Hutchins and “We Must Praise” by Karen Clark Sheard.

The second disk of the CD includes “The Presence of the Lord” by Marantha Gospel Choir, “The Promise” by Andrae Crouch, “Soon Ah Will Be Done” by Committed and “Falling In Love With Jesus” by Jonathan Butler. These are indeed 25 songs that will have you on your feet singing and worshipping. The CD is thought to be released in all stores by January 23.

Introducing The Winans

A gospel family that is well known is the Winans Family. This family has had successful gospel music careers that have been quite extensive and spanned over decades.

“The Winans” consists of the older brothers Carvin, Marvin, Ronald and Michael Winans. They were signed by the music genius Andre Crouch. The Winans were given a music deal with the big recording label Light Records. After Light Records, they signed with Qwest or Warner Brothers.

Before this the brothers would sing in their local church. They eventually went on to sing with a few big name artists and produced music for the documentary, “This is America, Charlie Brown”. They had a very successful hit songs, and they first started recording in 1981. This first album was called “Introducing The Winans”.  

The Winan brothers have had a variety of music awards given to them by the music industry. They have won at least six Grammy Awards. The albums that won Grammy Awards include “Ain’t No Need To Worry,” “Bring Back The Days of Yea and Nay,” “The Winans Live At Carnegie Hall,” and “All Out”.


This family is one of the first set of African-Americans to make it big in mainstream gospel music. They can credit their success to their faith and the closeness of their family.

Highlight of Gospel Singers: BeBe and CeCe Winans

One of the best known gospel groups are the Winans. The group consists of Benjamin Winans and Priscilla Winans. They were born in Detroit and went on to become the favourite gospel singers of so many people. They are known not just within the United States, but also around the world. These are two of the most successful gospel singers, but other family members such as the older Winan brothers have also had great music careers.

Their musical career started in the early 1980s. BeBe and CeCe Winan sang music from their first album which was entitled, “Lord Lift Us Up”. This was done as a duet for Praise the Lord Singers with the Bakkers.

After being part of this, BeBe and CeCe Winans started singing on their own. They were signed by Sparrow Records soon after in 1987. They released an album called “Bebe and CeCe Winans”. This album was a success and led to CeCe Winan receiving a Grammy Award for Best Soul Gospel Performance. CeCe received this Grammy for the song, “For Always” produced by Keith Thomas.


The success of BeBe ad CeCe Winans did not stop there as they were also given a Dove Award for the group of the year. In total they have won over nine Dove Awards, three Grammy’s two NAACPs and a large amount of Stellar Awards.

An Overview of Country Gospel Music

It is believed to have been “birthed” in Southern United States.

The last type of gospel music to be mentioned is Country Gospel. This is also known as Country Christian Music. It is similar to Bluegrass and Southern gospel music. However, as the banjo is the main instrument in Bluegrass gospel music, other instruments such as the guitar are used more in country gospel music.

This type of music can also involve a trio or quartet, but like traditional country music, the song is mainly sung by a soloist or one person. For some people who are not familiar with the differences between bluegrass gospel or country gospel, they will have a difficult time making the distinction. If you are not sure what country gospel music sounds like, just think of country music that has Christian lyrics.
Country gospel music is thought to have started a little while after country music first came about. It is believed to have been “birthed” in Southern United States by many groups of country gospel music such as the Fox Brothers. Country gospel singers state that the lyrics and music are sued to encourage people in their faith and point them to God.
Quite a number of popular country singers also produce country gospel songs. For example, Kenny Rogers, Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton have all produced country gospel songs. The Grammy awards place Southern, Bluegrass and Country gospel music into one category. This type of music is quite popular within the United States, especially in parts known as the “Deep South”. It is even more popular than Bluegrass gospel music.

An Overview Of Bluegrass Gospel Music

A third type of gospel music that is not as well known as southern or urban gospel is blue grass gospel. It is hard to say if southern gospel is similar to bluegrass, or if it is bluegrass gospel music that is similar to southern gospel. However, there are certain bluegrass instruments such as the banjo that have been incorporated into Southern gospel music.

Bluegrass gospel music does have some similarities to southern gospel music. They are both considered music of the “South.” It is believed that bluegrass gospel music was started in the 1800s. It has the same trio or quartet singers as in Southern gospel music. However, the music is not as loud as urban gospel, but rather the instruments are quietly playing in the background. In the same manner as southern gospel, the quartet might sing acapella. However, the sound and tone is different than what would be sung by a barbershop quartet.

Quite a number of popular secular bluegrass singers have also sung bluegrass gospel songs. For example, Doyle Lawson is a popular band that also sings secular and bluegrass gospel music. An example of a bluegrass gospel group is “The Isaacs.” This group consisting of mother, daughter and son have created music since 1994.

To receive a proper understanding of bluegrass 'gospel' music, just think of it as bluegrass music that has Christian lyrics. During the Grammy Awards, the Grammy is won for the “Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album”. The most recent winner was "Diamond Rio". This group launched the album "The Reason" in 2009, which won them the award.

The Hidden Words - 'Myriads Of Mystic Tongues'

Playing at the intersection of gospel and folk music, The Hidden Words wrap lovely melodies around text pulled from the Persian Hidden Words of Bahá'u'lláh. Check out the following cut from their new debut LP.

Urban Gospel Music

"The other types of music that have influenced urban gospel include rhythm and blues, jazz and hip hop."

Other than southern gospel, another form of gospel music is known as urban gospel. This is a contemporary from of this type of music. It is popular with the younger generation of Christians. Urban gospel was mainly started in the 1970s and is a combination of regular Christian hymns and the African spiritual songs. This music is largely attributed to African-Americans.

This type of gospel music differs from the other forms in the way it uses a wide assortment of instruments. These instruments are considered to make the music more modernized. For example, the instruments that can be found at a rock n roll concert are used in urban gospel music. These include items such as the bass, electric guitar, keyboard and drums. Opponents against urban gospel state that the use of these instruments have made the music appear more secular.

Another way in which urban gospel differs from the other forms of gospel music is in the use of a single main soloist. The music is also very fast-paced and the singer is required to connect with the audience on an emotional level.

The other types of music that have influenced urban gospel include rhythm and blues, jazz and hip hop. Some of the most well known urban gospel singers are Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin and Kirk Franklin.

An Overview of Southern Gospel Music

"The focus on the music is still the same and the influence of southern blue grass music is now more obvious."
When southern gospel music is played on the radio, gospel music lovers will know it. It has quite a distinct sound as with the other forms of gospel music. It is one of the oldest styles of gospel and Christian music to date. This type of music was believed to have started by Native Americans who converted to Christianity. They combined their regular style of music with the Christian hymns they were taught at the time.
Southern gospel music is also popularly called “quartet” music. This refers to the use of four singers of varying tones to express the feelings within the song. Traditionally, one of the main differences between southern gospel music and mainstream music is the use of a baritone singer. The quartet consists of only men and the songs are used to relate a story from the Bible or a religious concept about Christianity. Another difference between southern gospel music and contemporary music is the use of instruments. Contemporary music will use a wide variety of instruments whereas southern gospel music is limited to a piano and in some cases a guitar or banjo. 
Southern gospel has changed over the years to now have performances that include a mixture of men and women in a duet-style performance. The focus on the music is still the same and the influence of southern blue grass music is now more obvious. This type of gospel music was previously sung by travelling quartets selling music sheets, but it is now heard in many churches across the United States.