CD Spotlight: Kirk Franklin and the Family.

CD Spotlight: Kirk Franklin and the Family.

This is the first music CD produced by the gospel singer Kirk Franklin. He is accompanied by the music group, “The Family”. The album was produced in 1983 and was a hit among the gospel community. The album was spearheaded by Rodney Frazier who hired Franklin to direct the adults choir at the Grace Temple Church in Texas.

There are 10 tracts on the album with Kirk Franklin singing the first track entitled, “Why We Sing”. This song was written to discuss the reasons for giving praise. In the song the lyrics state that Jesus is the reason why he sings.

Another song on this album that is sung by Sheila Brice is entitled, “Call On the Lord”. The lyrics of this song are quite powerful and is sung beautifully by Brice. The song speaks of times when we need to put everything aside and just call on the Lord.

This album is packed with great songs that encouraged its listeners and went on to become popular. As Franklin’s first recorded album, the version of “Silver and Gold” sung by Cassandra Cleveland reminds gospel listeners that money is not everything. The lyrics of the song state that the singer would ‘rather have Jesus than silver and gold’.

Other singers on this album include Yolanda MacDonald, Dalon Collins and David Mann. The reason why this album became so popular is because it used lively beats to get people singing and dancing. One of the tunes even has a calypso style that would appeal to people from a Caribbean heritage. Thus Kirk Franklin and the Family is definitely an album worth listening to.