Introducing The Winans

Introducing The Winans

A gospel family that is well known is the Winans Family. This family has had successful gospel music careers that have been quite extensive and spanned over decades.

“The Winans” consists of the older brothers Carvin, Marvin, Ronald and Michael Winans. They were signed by the music genius Andre Crouch. The Winans were given a music deal with the big recording label Light Records. After Light Records, they signed with Qwest or Warner Brothers.

Before this the brothers would sing in their local church. They eventually went on to sing with a few big name artists and produced music for the documentary, “This is America, Charlie Brown”. They had a very successful hit songs, and they first started recording in 1981. This first album was called “Introducing The Winans”.  

The Winan brothers have had a variety of music awards given to them by the music industry. They have won at least six Grammy Awards. The albums that won Grammy Awards include “Ain’t No Need To Worry,” “Bring Back The Days of Yea and Nay,” “The Winans Live At Carnegie Hall,” and “All Out”.


This family is one of the first set of African-Americans to make it big in mainstream gospel music. They can credit their success to their faith and the closeness of their family.