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Gary Mayes & Nu Era

SoulMuzick Recordings 610 Fm 1092 Ste.#110 Stafford, Texas 77477 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Simon Cullins Jr. C /O Greta Jordan SoulMuzick Recordings 610 Fm 1092 Ste. #110 Stafford, Texas 77477 Email: After three years of closed doors and disappointments, Gary Mayes finally gets a chance to give his testimony with the release of his first album "The N.E. X-perience Vol. I" Houston, TX. - June 25, 2002 - - -Gary Mayes and his group Nu Era aim to redefine what Gospel music is all about on their inaugural release via hot contemporary Gospel Indie SoulMuzick Recordings. A true musician at heart, Gary has played drums for some of Gospel 's biggest names including: Kim Burrell, Kathy Taylor-Brown, Southeast Inspirational Community Choir (Former home of Grammy Award Winning Yolanda Adams), The late Rev. Paul Jones and John P. Kee protégé Shawn Mclemore. He infuses youthful energy with contemporary Praise & Worship which sets the tone for the style he calls Holy Hip-Hop Ghetto Gospel. The N. E. X-perience is Gary's story of the grace and mercy that God has shown him. While being incarcerated for one and a half years, Gary had a life-changing encounter with the most high God that ultimately leads him to surrender his talents. The temptation to do "worldly" music was great, as Gary had the opportunity to appear on the Jay Leno show with popular rap star Juvenile, as his drummer, as well as many opportunities to work with other secular artists. " I just could not do it" Gary states " God has given me this gift to reach the world for him". During the three years it took to record the project, many trials and tribulations occurred. " I was promised the world," says Gary " and nothing materialized". Broken promises and shady contracts was the norm, which started to take its toll on Gary as he fought panic attacks and mild occurrences of depression. "I almost gave up", but God had other plans". One day while sitting at home Gary got a call from members of a former R&B group turned Gospel called The Truth. They said that they had met him at a function, and was calling to confirm his commitment to produce some songs for them. As the talks progressed, they found out that this was not the same Gary they had met; in fact, they did not even know this Gary. "We just dialed the number and this Gary picked up," Cindy from The Truth stated. Gary went on to tell them that even though he was not the Gary that they were looking for, he did in fact produce music. One thing led to another and soon Gary was at the Soulmuzick studios laying down a song for them. While tracking out one of the songs, Gary struck up a conversation with Crazy C., (a successful rap producer of many national hit artists) who had recently given his life to Christ, and began telling him about the project he had been having trouble getting released. Soon after that, Gary let Crazy C. hear some of the material he had been working on and a year later the N.E. X-perience was released to the public. - More - Gary gets a chance to give his testimony with release of new album... The album shows off Gary's immense talent, as he is able to shift between praise & worship, hip-hop, testimonials and traditional Gospel with ease. His style is similar to Kirk Franklin in that he is not a singer but an exhorter, that's where the similarities end however, because his song writing technique is totally unique. Various highlights are featured throughout the album as he enlists the support of many established and upcoming soloist such as: Shawn Mclemore, Gene Moore Jr., Ken Smalls, Nakkita Clegg (member of hot group Kurt Carr and the Kurt Carr Singers), Brian Nelson (son of Bettye Ransom Nelson of COGIC fame) and the acclaimed vocals of Nikki Ross. The testimonial song " It didn't work" is Gary 's anthem of overcoming everything the devil threw at him by just trusting the Lord. "This was nothing but God" states Gary as he looks back on how everything came together; "what are the odds of me getting a phone call from complete strangers, which would ultimately lead up to my record getting released? "That just doesn't happen". The N.E. X-perience is destined to become a best seller with the name Gary Mayes to become an industry staple. One listen is all it takes for you to realize that another star has been born. For additional information or for a promotional copy of the album contact: Simon Cullins Jr. or Greta Jordan at Gary Mayes & Nu Era " The N.E. X-perience" (In Stores Now) check out review on Company History: SoulMuzick Recordings was founded in 1999 by Simon "Crazy C." Cullins Jr. and is owned as a partnership between Simon and Benjamin Thompson III. The label grew out of a desire to bring the un-churched and the everyday common person into a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ and not a religion. "Religion is of man, full of rituals and traditions which God never intended" States Simon. Our Goal is to present Christ and his love, not condemnation, through songs that deal with real situations and provide Jesus as the solution. "All of the artists on the Soulmuzick label understand this vision and were led of God to sign with us" states Simon. The label strives for excellence, and while not being perfect, is constantly moving closer; something that religion doesn't offer but a personal relationship with Christ will. The current roster includes: The Truth, Sounds of Urban Life, Gary Mayes and Shei Atkins. # # #