October 2008

Looking for a song...

I'm looking for a song. Does anybody know who sings it? Here are some of the lyrics: You mean, the world to me, you are my everything, when times were hard you were there to show me you care, sunshine or rain, you will be there to ease the pain, Lord, i can't forget you,no

where can I find gospel lyrics

I have tried looking in alot of the gospel sections for lyrics. I am a co-director of my churches choir I really need some lyrics for a couple of songs. Kurt Franklin,Donnie McKlurkin, etc. I also need some for older gospel music such as The Clark Sisters, John P. Kee Hezakiah Walker,etc I would greatly appreciate any information that you may be able to give me. Thank you for answering.

Locate a song...

Can someone help me locate the artist and album a song please? The chorus goes "There is healing in this house, healing in this house, manifested peace to calm troubled hearts with healing balm. There is healing in this house..."

Gary Mayes & Nu Era

SoulMuzick Recordings 610 Fm 1092 Ste.#110 Stafford, Texas 77477 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Simon Cullins Jr. C /O Greta Jordan SoulMuzick Recordings 610 Fm 1092 Ste. #110 Stafford, Texas 77477 Email: SoulMuzick@hotmail.com After three years of closed doors and disappointments, Gary Mayes finally gets a chance to give his testimony with the release of his first album "The N.E. X-perience Vol. I" Houston, TX. - June 25, 2002 - - -Gary Mayes and his group Nu Era aim to redefine what Gospel music is all about on their inaugural release via hot contemporary Gospel Indie SoulMuzick Recordings. A true musician at heart, Gary has played drums for some of Gospel 's biggest names including: Kim Burrell, Kathy Taylor-Brown, Southeast Inspirational Community Choir (Former home of Grammy Award Winning Yolanda Adams), The late Rev. Paul Jones and John P. Kee protégé Shawn Mclemore. He infuses youthful energy with contemporary Praise & Worship which sets the tone for the style he calls Holy Hip-Hop Ghetto Gospel. The N. E. X-perience is Gary's story of the grace and mercy that God has shown him.

Followers of Christ CD

I am trying to find for a friend the Followers of Christ CD. I have looked everywhere and tons of gospel websites and no one seems to have them. If anyone knows the record label, album name, the members of the group or where I can find it. That would be fantastic. Thanks and God Bless.

Best Gospel Music Albums

Hi Everyone, These are some of my favorite Gospel music albums. I highly recommend them. Canton Spirituals, Live in Washington D.C. no crown, Vickie Winans Live in Detroit Beverly Crawford, Jesus Precious King Richard Smallwood, Live in Atlanta I'd like to get some lists of other people's favorites too.

Please tell me what you think of my new artis from Chicago?

Visit my artist site http://daphneysimsjackson.org Sign her guest book. You can hear her songs from her new EP Single just release November 2002 by going to www.gospelindex.com enter site from middle left site of home page and click on female artists. Please let me know. I am trying to get some singing engagements for her. I need your help. God Bless Manager Mr. Jay

please help me find a song

i need help finding the artist of this song. I am not sure of the name, but i think it is steal away. It goes like this..... Steal away to my jesus, still away to my lord (or something like that). Later on in the song, it says.... and at times i thought he left me but those were the times that he carried me, what a fellowship just me and my lord