February 2009

True Blood of Snooks

American music of any variety can trace its roots through some circuitous route back to times and places that most folks don’t know about in the least. The confluence of country, blues and spiritual music came in many forms – often times in the physicality of street preachers like Blind Arvella Gray or Willie Johnson. Snooks Eaglin too shares the singular infirmity of blindness with these two performers, but he has not seen fit to allow that obstacle to impede his music, his career or his love of performing.

the record

I need to set the record straight. i am a member op the Love Fellowship Tabernacle where the shepard is Dr. Hezekiah Walker. I just want to put out there that the gossip and lies need to be stopped. Yes he is a famous person in the music business, but he's also a man of god and i o believe his personal life should remain personal. so please stop worrying about his life and keep your eyes on GOD.