November 2011

CD Spotlight: Kirk Franklin and the Family.

This is the first music CD produced by the gospel singer Kirk Franklin. He is accompanied by the music group, “The Family”. The album was produced in 1983 and was a hit among the gospel community. The album was spearheaded by Rodney Frazier who hired Franklin to direct the adults choir at the Grace Temple Church in Texas.

There are 10 tracts on the album with Kirk Franklin singing the first track entitled, “Why We Sing”. This song was written to discuss the reasons for giving praise. In the song the lyrics state that Jesus is the reason why he sings.

Singer Spotlight: Kirk Franklin

"He has won 35 Stellar Awards, 12 Dove Awards, seven Grammy Awards and five NAACP awards."

Singer Spotlight: Kirk Franklin
One of the most popular gospel singers today is Kirk Franklin. He is known for his upbeat tunes encouraging lyrics, and holds a record for the longest gospel record on the charts. His concerts draws hundreds of fans to sing along with him on stage. Yet how much do we know beyond what see on stage?
Kirk Franklin was born in Texas in 1970 and he spent most of his life singing gospel music. He was raised by an aunt and was the normal rebellious teenager. He married Tammy Collins in 1996, whom he had known for quite some time. The couple have two children together, a boy an a girl, and they both have another child from previous relationships.
Kirk Franklin was offered his first music contract before the age of 10, was music director of his aunt’s church choir before the age of 13 and was officially hired to lead the DFW Mass Choir at age 20.