January 2012

"Those Who Dream" By Kristene Muller

Bethel Church and Jesus Culture

A great new release by Bethel Church in Redding, California is “Those Who Dream” by Kristene Muller. Released under the Jesus Culture label, the CD illustrates the passionate love of a songwriter for her Lord. The CD consists of 10 tracks by this Jesus Culture worship leader. The songs are written by Kristen and shows how even in hustle and bustle of the city we can still connect to God on a personal level.

"Top 25 Gospel 2012 Gospel" Album

One of the top gospel CDs that was released by Marantha Music is the “Top 25 Gospel 2012” album. This album features all of the songs that was released up until 2012. These songs has some of the finest music that the gospel music scene has to offer. This CD is the showcase of the very best that gospel music has to offer, all in one collection. It is thought to be one of Marantha Music’s best compilation. Not only does it contain some of the best songs, but these are from some of the most popular gospel artists.

These artists that have contributed songs to the CD include Nicole Mullen, Isaac Carree, Andrae Crouch, Lecrae and Micah Stampley. These artists are known to be some of the best within the gospel music arena.

Introducing The Winans

A gospel family that is well known is the Winans Family. This family has had successful gospel music careers that have been quite extensive and spanned over decades.

“The Winans” consists of the older brothers Carvin, Marvin, Ronald and Michael Winans. They were signed by the music genius Andre Crouch. The Winans were given a music deal with the big recording label Light Records. After Light Records, they signed with Qwest or Warner Brothers.

Before this the brothers would sing in their local church. They eventually went on to sing with a few big name artists and produced music for the documentary, “This is America, Charlie Brown”. They had a very successful hit songs, and they first started recording in 1981. This first album was called “Introducing The Winans”.  

Highlight of Gospel Singers: BeBe and CeCe Winans

One of the best known gospel groups are the Winans. The group consists of Benjamin Winans and Priscilla Winans. They were born in Detroit and went on to become the favourite gospel singers of so many people. They are known not just within the United States, but also around the world. These are two of the most successful gospel singers, but other family members such as the older Winan brothers have also had great music careers.

Their musical career started in the early 1980s. BeBe and CeCe Winan sang music from their first album which was entitled, “Lord Lift Us Up”. This was done as a duet for Praise the Lord Singers with the Bakkers.